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Sakıp Sabancı Museum - The Seed Multipurpose Hall

Serdar Yalçın (İstanbul State Ballet and Orchestra - Chief Conductor)

“It is clear that every aspect of acoustics has been planned correctly. There are no perpendicular joints between building elements. Sound echoes directly from wooden diffusers. The acoustical features of the hall are convenient for performances such as chorus, chamber music, recitals and especially chamber theatre. Even whispers can be heard by the audience. The equilibrated diffusion of sound in a concert hall is so important; i.e. this hall has the desired acoustical features for small and moderate size performances.”

“The seed has the acoustical qualities required for small classic music orchestras. Since the sound can be heard equally everywhere in the hall including the stage, the performer can control his voice or instrument a better way. This acoustical feature helps the performer to easily deliver small level differences to his music. As a result of this effect, the connection between audience and performers strengthens, and therefore this creates a cordial atmosphere.”

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